BounceMasters Terms and Conditions

This agreement complies with the requirements laid down in the Health and Safety Executive Guidance "Safe use and operation of play Inflatables, including bouncy castles" ES No.7 Health and Safety Executive Guidance "Safe use and operation of play Inflatables".

This agreement also fulfils the requirements of our insurance company. The operating guidelines, hire agreement and disclaimer all form part of the hire agreement.

No adults allowed to use the inflatable. The maximum age limit is 12 years unless the maximum height restriction is exceeded sooner, by a child younger than 12 years old. The maximum height restriction to use the inflatable is No child, taller than the height of the side walls of the castle .

Ensure that two responsible adults supervise the inflatable to aid entry and exit and also supervise children at all times.

No eating, drinking, shoes, glasses, jewellery, buckles, key-rings, metal-studded clothing, pets, silly string, toys or other sharp instruments or similar items which could cause injury or damage allowed on inflatable at any time.

The inflatable must not be used in wet and windy conditions and must also be suitably anchored at all times.

Do not relocate the inflatable. If it must be moved for safety reasons, deflate it, remove and disconnect the blower and lift the inflatable, do not drag it (this can be done with a person lifting each corner). Be sure to anchor the inflatable with all the anchor stakes provided. Do not relocate the inflatable near to hazardous areas such as fences, posts or any other solid objects that would cause injury if fallen on.

Deflate the inflatable when not supervised or not in use. Keep children off the equipment when inflating/deflating to prevent risk of injury and to protect the Inflatables structure.

Do not allow children to become too boisterous, push or collide with each other, be advised somersaults can be extremely dangerous with the possibility of serious back or neck injury.

Do not allow children to swing, climb or sit on the inflatable walls, as this can be very dangerous and possibly result in serious injury if they were to fall.

Do not allow anyone to bounce on the front safety step, a child could easily bounce off the inflatable and get hurt, the step is there to assist users on and off the inflatable.

Do not overcrowd the inflatable. Common sense will determine how may children of similar size can play safely on the equipment.

No smoking fires or barbecues to be used near inflatable.

Please warn children of the tie down\anchor points and make the area behind the inflatable, where the electric blower is sited, out of bounds for children.

Ensure all electrical connections, extension leads, plugs and sockets, as well as the blower itself, are adequately protected from rain or water.

Consider medical conditions of the children using the equipment. Asthmatics and children with special needs may require additional supervision while using this equipment.

Ensure there is adequate First Aid equipment available before using the equipment.

The inflatable must be returned in an acceptable condition, i.e. clean, unsoiled and undamaged.

BounceMasters reserves the right to refuse to erect an inflatable if upon inspection the area is deemed to be unsuitable and/or unsafe (i.e. animal waste, hazardous materials, large sloping area etc)


Please note that all persons using this inflatable do so at their own risk. The person/organization hiring the equipment will be responsible/liable for any damage or injury occurring from or as a result of misuse or reckless use. Our company cannot accept any responsibility for any injury caused to anyone using this equipment.

Public liability insurance is excluded in its entirety following any claim or injury to any third party or employee whether directly or indirectly related to the use of drugs and/or alcohol. BounceMasters excludes any liability for injury loss or damage caused to any person using the equipment contrary to the terms and conditions of this contract.


Provided that the equipment is used in accordance with the above guidelines and conditions of hire, those using the inflatable should do so safely. These guidelines are for the safety of all people using this equipment, and it is the sole responsibility of the Hirer to ensure they are adhered to. However, accidents can happen. BounceMasters can accept no liability for injuries sustained or any other loss, howsoever caused, in the absence of the negligence of BounceMasters or its employees. As the equipment will be in the Hirers possession and control whilst in use rather than BounceMasters, any liability for injuries or other losses caused other than in the circumstances described above rests with the Hirer.

I DECLARE that I have read and understand these terms and conditions of hire and any relevant operating and safety instructions supplied with the equipment, and I sign the contract fully aware of the implications and responsibilities placed upon me by doing so.